Life is Sweet Coke Life Arrives in Australia and New Zealand

Life is Sweet Coke Life Arrives in Australia and New Zealand

The latest addition to the Coca-Cola family – Coca-Cola Life – has hit shelves in Australia and New Zealand.

Coca‑Cola Life is made with a blend of sugar and stevia-leaf extract. It delivers the best possible Coca-Cola taste with 35% less sugar and kilojoules than Coca-Cola.

To achieve a great-tasting, lower-kilojoule alternative to the original Coca-Cola drink, the company has combined sugar with stevia – a natural sweetener with minimal kilojoules.

Consumer-led change

As only the fourth drink to be launched in the 128-year history of Coca-Cola, the company has developed Coca-Cola Life in response to consumer demand for greater choice.

In 2013, Coca-Cola made a commitment to offer lower kilojoule options. Launching Coca‑Cola Life is one of the ways Coca-Cola is fulfilling this commitment – by expanding its low-kilojoule drinks range in Australia and New Zealand.

“Coca-Cola Life truly is an example of us keeping in step with consumer demands,” Coca-Cola South Pacific marketing director Lisa Winn says.  

“We’re confident that the new formulation is what consumers have been looking for. Coke Life isn’t simply a new product from Coca-Cola – it’s another great choice for people who want a delicious Coca-Cola to fit their lifestyle. There is a Coca-Cola option for everyone.”

With the addition of the much-anticipated Coca-Cola Life, the Coca‑Cola family now has something for every taste: Coca-Cola; lower-kilojoule Coca-Cola Life; and two no-sugar options, Coca-Cola Zero and Diet Coke.

Big market, broad choice

“The beverage industry is always looking to respond to Australian consumers and their needs,” the chief executive of the Australian Beverages Council, Geoff Parker, says.

“We know consumers are asking for more choice, and particularly stevia-sweetened beverages. Coke Life is an innovation that is expected to really excite the category and draw people into the soft-drink category.”

Coca-Cola Life is available in Australia in a 250ml can, 330ml glass bottle, 375ml can, 390ml PET (recyclable plastic) bottle, 450ml PET bottle, 600ml PET bottle, 1 litre glass bottle, 1.25L PET bottle, 8x200ml cans, 4x330ml glass bottle and 10x375ml cans. In New Zealand will be available in 300ml PET bottle, 330ml glass bottle, 420ml PET bottle, 600ml PET bottle, 1.5Ltr PET bottle, 6x250ml cans and 8x355ml cans.