With the new summer season here, Aussies will see the return of Coca-Cola Australia’s iconic Share a Coke campaign, featuring iconic bottles and cans featuring popular and diverse names.

Having launched down under in 2011, Coca-Cola Australia’s Share a Coke campaign has since travelled to 70 countries including China, France, Canada and the US. Over the years the campaign has evolved to include nicknames and even song lyrics. With the campaign coming back to Aussie shores eight years after its debut, Coca-Cola Australia has also adapted the viral campaign.

According to Jason Wu, Senior Brand Manager, Coca-Cola Australia, the global success of this local idea comes down to one single truth.

“No matter where you’re from, everyone likes having their name on a globally recognised brand. It embraces your individuality and connects you to a brand you love,” said Jason.

A group of friends enjoying Coca-Cola whilst strolling.

Celebrating Australia’s diversity

Australia is beautifully diverse, and this summer Coca-Cola Australia is inviting everyone to Share a Coke with family and friends with more than 1,400 names pre-printed on Coca-Cola bottles and cans ranging from Shane, Tom, Emily and Sarah to Ajay, Hassan, Zhang and Paolo. 

“We want everyone, no matter where they’re from, to feel included and part of the community. Coke has a proud history of championing inclusivity and for me personally, it’s heartwarming to be part of this campaign because when I migrated to Australia, I felt very welcome. Share a Coke champions sharing and happiness,” said Jason.

After an overwhelming response from Australians who embraced the campaign back in 2011, this time around the campaign isn’t limited to just first names. Families can join in on the fun now too. More than 1,000 surnames can be found on 1.25L bottles including names such as Smith, Nguyen and Zhou.

“We really want this campaign to reflect how modern and diverse our country is. To do that, we’ve looked at research and spoken to community groups to ensure our pre-printed list of names is as inclusive as possible,” said Jason.

“It shows our commitment to inclusivity. We don’t want anyone to be left out and it’s something we take seriously,” he said.

Coca-Cola bottle with Ajay's name.

Australia loves a good nickname

When Jason moved to Australia, he immediately noticed how Aussie culture includes calling mates by nicknames.

“Probably more so than any other country, we do really love a good nickname here in Australia. It’s so integral to Australian culture that we all know a person that rarely goes by their actual name,” commented Jason.

This year pre-printed nicknames include classics such as ‘Old mate’, ‘Champ’ and ‘Legend’. You can even find popular nicknames like ‘Bro’, ‘Sis’, ‘Princess’, ‘Bogan’ and ‘BFF’ or even ‘The gals’ and ‘The boys’. 

“Introducing nicknames to Share a Coke is a way of celebrating Australia’s tongue-in-cheek and easy-going attitude, while also appreciating what makes us unique as a country,” said Jason.

Personalised labels so everyone can get involved

Do you have a wonderfully unique or uncommon name? Or perhaps a mate with an unusual nickname that isn’t preprinted? This year’s Share a Coke includes personalised labels ensuring no name is excluded. In a first, Australians can now design and order their own unique labels online.

“When Share a Coke first began in Australia, the printing technology was as advanced to make this feature possible.”

“Fast forward to today where our technology has evolved, and online shopping has become essential. Making our bottles available online has meant everyone and anyone can have their name on a Coke,” Jason said.

Across the nation, Australians are also able to order and collect personalised labels in person. We are also taking on an epic summer road trip and Share a Coke pop-up kiosks will be appearing in shopping centres to personalise your Coca-Cola can packs right in front of you; and it's free!

“It’s a really exciting time and we’re looking forward to connecting more Australians than ever this summer.”

To join in on the fun, check out https://shareacoke.coca-cola.com.au/ to order your personalised Coca-Cola online today.