Australians are keen recyclers. Nine in every ten of us have kerbside recycling bins and together we recycle about 37 million tonnes of waste every year.[1] That’s 2.7 tonnes each![2] Even so there’s room for improvement. Only 32% of plastic used in Australia last year was recycled.[3]

We can do better, but how?

This is one of the questions tackled by Coca-Cola and Planet Ark during National Recycling Week - an annual awareness campaign run by Planet Ark that promotes best practice in recycling.

Well run container deposit schemes are one example. They support a circular recycling economy, which means every bottle you recycle has the best chance to come back as another bottle. This supports our goal for 7 out of 10 of our bottles to be made from 100% recycled plastic by the end of 2019.

Check out this video to understand how container deposit schemes work and make your recycling count!