The Coca-Cola Australia Foundation The Journey Has Only Just Begun

The Coca-Cola Australia Foundation The Journey Has Only Just Begun

There’s an old saying that ‘charity starts at home.’ So what if some Corporate funding could be directed to causes you care about?

This concept is at the heart of the new Coca-Cola Australia Foundation. A complete overhaul of its mission and application processes now means employees, and the needs of their communities, are the key to funding.

“We want to bring to life our commitment to supporting the causes our employees care about,” says CCAF chair, Malcolm Hudson.

“We’re encouraging all 3,500 of our employees – across CCA and CCSP in Australia – to involve themselves in their community, and take ownership and feel proud when CCAF contributes to an organisation about which they are passionate.”

From left to right: Coca-Cola Australia Foundation chairman Malcolm Hudson, with Paralympian Madison de Rozario and chief executive of the Paralympic Committee, Lynne Anderson.

A joint venture between Coca-Cola Amatil (CCA) and Coca-Cola South Pacific (CCSP), CCAF is a philanthropic fund created to distribute $1.1 million annually for social good. 

Since 2002, CCAF has provided more than $12 million to hundreds of charitable organisations, touching thousands of Australian communities in this process. 

Despite this, Malcolm Hudson, the newly enlisted chairman of CCAF will tell you that their job is far from over – in fact it has only just begun.

From left to right: General manager, Sustainability & Government Relations, Tanya Baini; Group general manager, External Communications, Andrew Hewitt; CCAF chairman Malcolm Hudson; Stakeholder relations manager and CCAF advisory board member Bronwyn Winley; CCSP external affairs manager and CCAF advisory board member Susie Crumpton.

“The structure and processes of CCAF were rigorously reviewed in 2015 and we came to three major conclusions,” Malcolm says.  

“Our staff weren’t adequately aware of the mission of CCAF, what the structure of the foundation was or how they could be involved. These were three major realisations that we wanted to rectify quickly.”

With a centralised mission to inspire moments of happiness and possibility for young Australians aged 13-19, CCAF is taking a revived, cross-collaborative approach. 

Aligning its mission to four focus areas CCAF is determined to address youth optimism, empowerment, possibilities for a positive life, and all areas of wellbeing – be it emotional, physical or social. 

Grant structure

From 2016, funds will be allocated across two grant types – Flagship Grants of up to $200,000 each year for three years, and Employee Connected Grants of up to $25,000 with a reference from a CCSP or CCA employee in Australia.   

Applications for 2016 are now closed. New grant round dates will be published here when available. 


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