Tiny Newsstands Pop Up Across Oz

Tiny Newsstands Pop Up Across Oz

To demonstrate the fact that good things do indeed come in small packages, Coca-Cola is touring the country with a troupe of tiny newsstands to celebrate the launch of its new, slimline 250ml can

Essentially your run-of-the-mill city newsstand shrunken down to a portion of its original size, the mini-kiosk offers visitors a free sample of the smaller-sized Coke. The idea is during the course of their day, consumers will stumble across this delightfully tiny newsstand and take the opportunity to sample the new product. “It’s all about surprising consumers,” explained assistant brand manager, Danielle Johnson. 

Appearing in key locations in New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia, the mini-kiosks are open when passers-by might feel like a Coke. “When we’re actually live, it’s either during lunch time or on your way home from work,” said Danielle. “They’re typically times when people would feel like drinking a refreshing, cold Coca-Cola.”

Based on an interactive campaign designed by Ogilvy & Mather Berlin for Coca-Cola Germany, the local version has typically Australian bent. “Coca-Cola in Germany did the same thing, but the look and feel of it was quite European,” said Danielle. “So, what we did was put an Australian spin on the idea. We wanted to ensure it was relevant to Australian consumers.”

Inside the kiosk, a Coke employee will sit cross-legged in order to fit;Journey has been assured that despite the kiosk’s diminutive size, it’ll accommodate any Coca-Cola staffer. “It’s pretty comfy, actually!” laughed Danielle. “And, they’re switching out regularly to ensure they’re stretching.”

The initiative forms part of Coca-Cola’s push to offer healthier choices for consumers, promoting smaller portion sizes like the 250ml can. “Last year we publicly committed to offering and promoting greater choice, smaller portions, and more products with less and zero kilojoules,” said Lisa Winn, Marketing Director, Coca-Cola South Pacific. “We’re serious about smaller portion sizes, and we’re investing an unprecedented level to make smaller portions more widely available across Australia.”

The mini-kiosks will be appearing all around the country over the next few weeks, but Danielle was intent on keeping their exact locations a surprise. “I can’t say where we’re going to be, exactly!” she laughed. Perhaps you’ll stumble across one today…