What are the application dates for 2019?

The Flagship Partner grant round dates for 2019 are:

Online applications open at 10am (AEST) - August 19

Online applications close at 7pm (AEST) - August 30

Charities applying for a grant from the CCAF must have Deductible Gift Recipient (item 1) status. What is DGR Item 1 status and how do I/the charity know if they’re eligible?

Only charities who have this status will be eligible to apply for grants from the CCAF. There are a number of different categories of DGR status and not all charitable organisations have DGR item 1 status. If your charity has DGR2 or any other category it is not eligible. To find out more about DGR Item 1 status and to check if a charity has this status click here and enter their Australian Business Number (ABN), most charities have their ABN on their websites.

Is my charity eligible to apply if it is auspiced/applies under the auspices of a DGR1 charity?

No. The CCAF only accepts applications from charities with DGR1 status. Please do not apply under the auspice of another charity as the application will not be eligible.

If a charity has received any sort of grant from the CCAF previously are they eligible to reapply?

Yes, past partners are eligible to reapply. Their application will be considered on its merits, however the CCAF advises that all things being equal, the preference is to allocate new partners.

Successful Flagship Partners can reapply for new partnership program after a further three years from submitting the final acquittal report.

If a charity is successful will the charity get the exact amount applied for?

The grant amount and duration will be determined by the CCAF Board. This decision will be based on the information provided in the application.

Will there be other opportunities for Flagship Partner applications to the Coca-Cola Australia Foundation in 2019?

This is the only grant round for Flagship Partner applications in 2019. Information about future rounds from 2020 onwards will be shared on this website once available.

For this grant opportunity what is considered to be ‘Australian coastal waters’?

Australian coastal waters shall be considered to be all waters within 12 nautical miles (the Territorial Sea limit) off the Australian continent and shall include all waters within the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park.

When will the 2019 Environmental Sustainability Flagship Partner grant be awarded?

It is the intention of the CCAF Board that the Environmental Sustainability Flagship Partner grant will be decided in Q4 2019 and that the first payment will be made late in Q4 2019. The Flagship Partnership will cover the period 2020-2022.