Being a Journey student contributor is definitely a learning experience. I ran into many obstacles throughout the course of creating my story, but overcoming them was the biggest reward and a huge confidence builder.

Like the majority of college students, I have a hectic and tight schedule. I found that it was challenging to dedicate extra quality time to schedule and film interviews. After deciding on the subject of my story, "Ballroom Dance and Fitness" I scripted out the topics I wanted to cover and then set out to find the locations and the opportunities to film. As part of the set-up, I was unaware of how many steps of preparation were needed to find out whom to contact and get permission to film. I even made rookie mistakes, like forgetting to turn on the microphone during an interview. Tip: Always check to make sure your mic is turned on!

Besides ensuring that the camera, lighting and sound was ready I had to make sure my subjects were comfortable speaking in front of the camera.  I was surprised at how many people said they were nervous being filmed and declined. On the other hand I was also surprised at how many people said they were nervous being filmed and did absolutely wonderful. One of my subjects even shared his personal story which lent to credibility to my topic.

I also underestimated the amount of B-roll footage that would be needed to obtain a "good video." For a three minute long piece, I probably filmed over an hour worth of footage. Sorting through all of it was both insightful and a struggle. There were so many shots that I wish I could have used in my video, but couldn't fit in. This was also my first time using the editing software Adobe Premiere. Therefore I had to devote extra time to teach myself the nuances of the program. 

Eventually through trial, error and determination I was able to work out the problems. I enjoyed experimenting with different shooting angles and editing techniques in order for me to get a final product that I was happy to put my professional name on and share with my family, friends and classmates.

This was such a great learning experience and I now look at events I am involved in and see opportunities to film and create other stories to share!

Learn How to Cha-Cha

Erin Breanne Noah

Erin Breanne Noah is a fourth year journalism student at the University of Georgia. Born in Japan, Erin is sticking to her roots pursuing a minor in Japanese. This ambitious go-getter is also pursuing a major in Mass Media Arts, a New Media Certificate, and minors in Dance and Theater. When she's not doing school work you can find her performing as a member of the UGA Georgettes.