Product Descriptions

Product Description

  • Coca-Cola


    Coca-Cola is the most popular and biggest-selling soft drink in history, as well as one of the most recognizable brands in the world.

    Created in 1886 in Atlanta, Georgia, by Dr. John S. Pemberton, Coca-Cola was first offered as a fountain beverage at Jacob's Pharmacy by mixing Coca-Colasyrup with carbonated water.

    Coca-Cola was patented in 1887, registered as a trademark in 1893 and by 1895 it was being sold in every state and territory in the United States.

    In 1899, The Coca-Cola Company began franchised bottling operations in the United States and in 1906 bottling operations for Coca-Cola began to expand internationally.

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  • Sprite


    Introduced in 1961, Sprite is the world's leading lemon-lime flavored soft drink. Sprite is sold in more than 190 countries and ranks as the No. 3 soft drink worldwide.

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  • Fanta


    Introduced in 1940, Fanta is the second oldest brand of The Coca-Cola Company and our second largest brand outside the US. Fanta Orange is the leading flavor but almost every fruit grown is available as a Fanta flavor somewhere.  Consumed more than 130 million times every day around the world, consumers love Fanta for its great, fruity taste.

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  • Diet Coke

    Diet Coke

    Diet Coke, also known as Coca-Cola light in some markets, is a sugar- and calorie-free soft drink. It was first introduced in the United States on August 9, 1982, as the first new brand since 1886 to use the Coca-Cola Trademark. Today, Diet Coke/Coca-Cola light is one of the largest and most successful brands of The Coca-Cola Company, available in more than 150 markets around the world.

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  • Coca-Cola zero

    Coca-Cola zero

    Coke Zero was Coca-Cola's largest product launch in 22 years and launched in 2005, reaching billion-dollar status in 2007. Coca-Cola Zero offers great Coke taste, uplifting refreshment and zero sugar.

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  • Coca-Cola Life

    Coca-Cola Life

    Coca-Cola Life is a reduced-calorie cola sweetened with cane sugar and stevia leaf extract.

    At 60 calories per 8-oz. glass bottle, Coca-Cola Life has 35 percent fewer calories than other leading colas*.

    Stevia, a sweetener with zero calories, is obtained from the leaf of the stevia plant. Together with cane sugar, stevia leaf extract gives Coca-Cola Life its delicious, sweet flavor.

    Coca-Cola Life is the perfect refreshing beverage to enjoy throughout summer’s sweetest moments and pairs well with some of your favorite seasonal dishes.

    For more information on Coca-Cola Life, follow us on Instagram and Twitter @CocaColaLife

    *Calories per 8-oz. glass bottle. Coca-Cola Life: 60 calories. Leading colas: 90-100 calories.

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    Pure, crisp DASANI delivers fresh taste with a clean, fresh style. DASANI DROPS is the vibrant and delicious drop that transforms everyday moments into something deliciously fun, unexpected and colorful. A refreshing duo.

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  • Minute Maid

    Minute Maid

    Minute Maid has been making juice for more than 60 years and has a heritage of nutrition, innovation, and quality.  In 1945, the U.S. Army ordered 500,000 pounds of powdered orange juice from the Florida Foods Corporation, which later renames itself to Vacuum Foods and then finally the Minute Maid Corporation. The Minute Maid Corporation was acquired by The Coca-Cola Company in 1960, marking its first venture outside of soft drinks.

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  • Ciel


    Ciel is a purified, noncarbonated bottled water that has been enjoyed by consumers since 1996. Ciel Mineralizada, a bottled mineral water, became available in Mexico in 2001.



    POWERADE™ combines carbohydrates, electrolytes with fluids for energy and hydration. It quenches thirst and replenishes minerals and carbohydrates lost during sports or other intense activities. In most markets, POWERADE is scientifically formulated with the ION4® Advanced Electrolyte System, which helps replenish 4 key electrolytes lost in sweat: Sodium, Potassium, Calcium, & Magnesium.

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  • Simply Beverages

    Simply Beverages

    Simply Beverages are premium, gently pasteurized, not from concentrate 100% Juices and Juice Drinks. Available in nine 100% Orange Juice and Orange Juice blends, five lemonades, and eight additional variety juices and juice drinks. Simply Lights offers a great tasting Simply beverage, with less sugar and fewer calories. Simply Light is available in several Simply Light Orange beverages and Simply Light Lemonades.

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  • Coca-Cola light

    Coca-Cola light
    Diet Coke, also known as Coca-Cola light, is a sugar- and calorie-free soft drink with a deliciously crisp taste that gives you a light boost in your busy day. It was first introduced in the United States on August 9, 1982, as the first new brand since 1886 to use the Coca-Cola Trademark. The brand created an entire new category and a new way of life. Today, Diet Coke/Coca-Cola light is one of the largest and most successful brands of The Coca-Cola Company, available in over 150 markets around the world.

  • Fresca


    With a unique citrus taste, Fresca is a caffeine-free soft drink for discriminating adults. Fresca was introduced in the United States in 1966 as a calorie-free grapefruit-flavored drink. Its bubbly, crisp, light taste provides a flavorful beverage to consumers who want great citrus taste in a calorie-free soft drink. Fresca is sweetened with sugar in some parts of the world.

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  • glacéau vitaminwater

    glacéau vitaminwater

    glacéau vitaminwater has always been a simple idea. start with water. and then add bold, fruity flavors and just the right amount of sugar to make it delicious. finally, top it off with a little extra nutrition. genius. and it never would’ve happened if someone hadn’t looked at a plain bottle of water and said, “what if this was a little better?” making things a little better is what makes glacéau vitaminwater great.

    glacéau vitaminwater, the pioneer of the nutrient-enhanced water beverage category, is available in over 26 countries. grab a cold vitaminwater and make your day a little better. Also available with no calories in many countries—glacéau vitaminwater zero.

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  • Del Valle

    Del Valle

    Del Valle Brand has its roots in Latin America and recently joined our ‘billion’ dollar brand status within The Coca-Cola Company portfolio of brands. It has a diverse juice line up ranging from 100% juices and nectars to juice drinks and is available in different convenient packaging for the whole family. The brand is available in Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, Central America, and other markets in Latin America.

  • glacéau smartwater

    glacéau smartwater


    glacéau smartwater is inspired by the way mother nature makes water, known as the hydrologic cycle.  we simulate this process by vapor distilling water, making every drop as pure as the very first drop of rain (before it passes through pollutants, of course).  if that’s not smart enough, we then one-up mother nature by adding in electrolytes for a clean crisp taste.   if that sounds like genius, it is.  smartwater is smart because it’s made that way.

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  • Mello Yello

    Mello Yello

    The smooth citrus taste of Mello Yello has refreshed people's thirst for over two decades. Its unique taste and confident, in-control style sets it apart from other soft drinks. Mello Yello highlights the smooth choices in life - because when you drink Mello Yello, everything goes down easy.

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  • FUZE


    Don’t be fooled by a tough-guy name like FUZE® Berry Punch. This drink is jam-packed with delicious and inviting fruit flavor that can’t wait to meet you. 

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  • FUZE tea

    FUZE tea

    FUZE Lemon Iced Tea Adds a vibrant little splash of flavor to your day, so you can enjoy a drink that packs as much punch as you do. 

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  • Honest Tea

    Honest Tea

    Honest Tea®, the nation's #1 organic bottled tea, delivers great-tasting, lower-calorie refreshment. Each tea is freshly brewed using organic tea leaves and a touch of organic cane sugar. Honest Ade® and Honest Kids®, organic caffeine-free thirst quenchers, are 50 calories or less per serving. Honest Tea is USDA Certified Organic, OU Kosher, Fair Trade Certified™ and is available at retailers nationwide.

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  • Odwalla


    For over 30 years, Odwalla has been delivering great-tasting nutrition from coast to coast with a full line of 100% juices, smoothies, protein shakes and food bars.  Each one of our products is uniquely crafted with high quality, premium ingredients.  In fact, with over 40 different beverage and bar varieties, our expertise blends together the perfect combination of delicious taste and purposeful nutrition. Personal choices can make a big difference when it comes to taking care of yourself, and at Odwalla, we want you to live life fully, one delicious snack at a time.

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    Electrolytes without the calories. POWERADE ZERO™ is a great-tasting electrolyte-enhanced sports and fitness drink. It combines electrolytes with fluids for hydration. It quenches thirst and replenishes minerals lost during sports or other intense activities.

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  • World of Coca-Cola

    World of Coca-Cola

    At World of Coca‑Cola, experience the world’s most famous beverage in a dynamic, multimedia attraction. Get closer than ever before to the vault that houses the secret recipe for Coca‑Cola, view hundreds of artifacts and sip, mix and savor to your heart’s delight in the Taste It! beverage lounge featuring more than 100 beverages from around the world. Meet and have your photo taken with our most beloved character, the Coca-Cola Polar Bear. All this and much more make World of Coca-Cola a unique and must-see Atlanta experience.

  • Coca-Cola Store

    Coca-Cola Store

    Discover and shop one-of-a-kind Coca-Cola experiences at three Coca-Cola Store locations in Atlanta, Orlando and Las Vegas.

    Coca-Cola Store Atlanta offers a vast array of Coca-Cola merchandise including must-have home decorations, unique fashion apparel and one-of-a-kind art.

    At Coca-Cola Store Orlando, meet and have your photo taken with the friendly Coca-Cola Polar Bear, experience the refreshing rooftop beverage bar and shop exclusive merchandise.

    Coca-Cola Store Las Vegas is a must-see destination on your trip to Las Vegas. Pose for a photo op with the friendly Coca-Cola Polar Bear, take a moment to pause with refreshing beverage choices at the Coca-Cola beverage bar, or find the perfect Coca-Cola souvenir.

    In addition to three Coca-Cola Store locations, you are invited to shop online anytime at