A Day in the Life in the CSE Business Unit

Many jobs in the CSE Business Unit offer plenty of opportunities to travel and work in a variety of locations. For those interested in visiting and learning about some of the most diverse countries in Europe and being involved with important local issues, such as commercial and customer relations, there are few better ways to do it than working for CSE.

Who We Are

The Central and Southern Europe business unit consists of more than 23 countries and requires a pool of 400 talented associates spread across offices in Athens, Bucharest, Milan, Vienna, Warsaw,Belgrade, Bratislava, Budapest, Prague, Sofia, Tallinn, Zagreb and Zurich.

From Austria, Italy and Switzerland, east to the Czech Republic, Poland and Romania and south to Greece, this large business unit includes some of Europe's fastest-changing countries and offers a challenging and dynamic work environment.

The business unit works with several bottling partners, from Coca-Cola Hellenic, which is the largest, to some smaller, local bottlers who produce, package and distribute our drinks.

Local Initiatives at Coca-Cola CSE

With responsibility for reaching 218 million potential customers in Central and Southern Europe -- 35% of our total European sales (including a big share of the continent's juice and water sales) -- our CSE teams work closely together, bridging gaps between offices and locations.

Marketing and strategic planning are centralized to ensure local offices work toward the same key goals. Brand development plans created in CSE are sometimes adopted across Europe to keep our marketing consistent and scalable.

Local market knowledge is an important asset. Six market operations teams put strategies into practice locally, enabling CSE associates to complete similar initiatives in every market, without having to recreate everything from scratch each time.

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