A Day in the Life in the Iberia Business Unit

Spain and Portugal make up the Iberia Business Unit. With a population of 56 million, it is one of the most profitable markets in Europe. 

Our 160 employees in Madrid work closely with Coca-Cola Iberian Partners, S.A. (CCIP)  -- our local bottler and Iberia's largest food company -- to make social responsibility and sustainability a priority for the business.

Every day is interesting and challenging in the Iberia Business Unit.  Being part of a global organization that owns some of the world's most valuable brands allows our employees to continually leverage and learn from the best.

Our team in Iberia faces challenges that allow them to learn and stretch beyond their normal day jobs on a daily basis.  Some of our most renowned campaigns -- such as “Benditos Bares” -- have originated directly from our own employees' contributions and creativity.

Who We Are

Coca-Cola Iberia is an organization committed to refreshing the world while providing moments of happiness and optimism, and this is reflected in their work environment and offices.

Modern and well-equipped offices in Madrid offer an inspiring and exciting place to work, with an excellent cafeteria that offers lunch every day, a gymnasium, physiotherapy services, parking and many other amenities to make employees' lives easier and more enjoyable.

This positive work environment has been recognized by prestigious organizations such as the Great Place to Work Institute, “Actualidad Económica,” and Ramstad, were our Company ranks among their top 3 most admired and aspirational companies to work in Spain.

Local Initiatives and Unique Moments at Coca-Cola Iberia

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