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Our associates have plenty of opportunities to travel and mix with each other: The WEBU Business Unit is organized so that central functions -- like Marketing, HR and Strategic Planning -- support local operations. This means that people from different offices work together to pool resources and expertise in these key areas.

Once in a while we even get to influence the wider marketing strategy across Europe -- for instance, when brand plans and ideas created in the WEBU Business Unit are adopted in the other Business Units. This way we leverage our collaborative system to keep things simple and consistent.  Of course, this approach has benefits for our employees as well as the business itself.

Join us and you'll receive many opportunities to work with new people in different places. Sure, it demands commitment... but the experience and career opportunities are great!

Who We Are

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Our WEBU Business Unit covers 11 countries, including Belgium, Denmark, France, Finland, Germany Great Britain, Iceland, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway and Sweden. It includes 180 million potential customers and accounts for 35% of Coca-Cola product sales in Europe. We call it WEBU for short. The WEBU Business Unit’s four biggest offices are located in some of the region's most exciting cities: Brussels, Copenhagen, London and Paris. With offices also in Dublin, Helsinki, Oslo, Rotterdam and Stockholm, a job in this Business Unit could see you based in one of Europe's cultural hot spots.
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In all, 350 people work in the WEBU Business Unit, with an additional 150 Europe Group employees also based in this part of the world. Several of our offices have been recognized by the Great Place to Work Institute.

What's our secret formula? For starters, in some locations our employee benefits include perks such as flexible work hours, gym access and learning allowances. And we take care of the smaller things, too -- for instance, cooking up fresh, tasty food in our staff restaurants or providing free product to our employees. But, most importantly, we trust our people, we respect them, and we treat them well. It's not rocket science.

Unique Moments at Coca-Cola WEBU

At Coca‑Cola, we make it a priority to treat our people well, help them develop and give them a rewarding work-life balance. And also have fun along the way - we want Coca‑Cola to be a Great Place to Work.

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