As part of our new 2020 environmental goals announced today, this is blog 1 of our series on Coca-Cola Unbottled where our experts are sharing even more details on the goals.

When I think of things around the world that connect us all, one thing quickly surfaces to the top of my list – water. And, it’s that very resource on which we all rely that many take for granted.

At Coca-Cola, we understand water’s value. Water is an essential and indispensable part of Coca-Cola’s success and survival, as it is to every single species on the planet. It is the world’s most valuable natural resource, it sustains our communities, and it is the main ingredient in nearly every beverage we produce.  With the world’s fresh water supply under stress, it is our shared responsibility to find ways to conserve and sustainably manage local water sources.

Under our renewed and expanded partnership with World Wildlife Fund, Coca-Cola will continue its mission to protect and maintain clean water supplies in communities worldwide. Our new 2020 environmental sustainability goals strive for two important things—water efficiency and replenish. Out of all the water on earth, less than 1 percent is available for people to consume. Through operational advancements, our system (our Company and our nearly 300 bottling partners operating in more than 200 countries) hopes to improve water efficiency by 25 percent and replenish 100 percent of water used in our products and their production back to the environment. This means more water for aquatic life, increased accessibility to clean water and improved health for the world’s most vital freshwater basins and catchments.

As a leader in global water stewardship, we have embraced the critical responsibility to our consumers and to our environment to help steward the world’s water resources. Communities with access to clean, fresh water lead to stronger and healthier people, products and businesses. And that’s good because when our planet thrives, we thrive too. With our continued investment in conservation partnerships, we can bring communities around the world one step closer to more sustainable and more responsible water access and use.

Greg Koch

Greg Koch is the Director of Global Water Stewardship at The Coca-Cola Company.