Warm June evenings, baseball, and a Coca-Cola: instant classic. Add in recycling superheroes and the event turns into an exciting summer event. The fans at a recent Richmond Virginia’s Flying Squirrels game were greeted with a Recycling Partnership tailgate featuring superhero capes for recyclers and a team of volunteers reminding them that new recycling carts are coming soon.

The new carts will empower 60,000 Richmond households to recycle as much as 90 percent more starting in July. The projected 7,000 additional tons recycled annually will create stronger communities, save the city money, and keep valuable bottles, cans and other items from being buried in the landfill.

Enthusiastic sports fans make enthusiastic recycling heroes. “We were blown away by the excitement for these new recycling carts coming in July,” said Kim Hynes, executive director of Central Virginia Waste Management Authority (CVWMA). “Since the first 6,000 carts were distributed in January, the city has been anticipating the additional 61,000 carts to even further their goal of recycling in their community.”

“Roll carts are a game changer because they increase recycling capacity and make the process a lot easier,” says Cody Marshall, Technical Assistance Director for The Recycling Partnership. Funded by partners including The Coca-Cola Company, the national nonprofit awarded Richmond a grant to help the city and its service partners fund the carts and city-wide recycling education.

“Providing free carts and educational support to the citizens of Richmond is an accomplishment that will have long-standing benefits to families and the city. The sound of cart wheels rolling is the sound of real progress,” said Marshall.

When making the city-wide announcement, Mayor Dwight C. Jones reported the recycling carts will bring more efficiency to the city’s processing facility, which will result in more recovered materials for manufacturing. Residents will also receive ‘Let’s Roll’ educational material about recycling and will have the opportunity to earn local rewards through a program called RecyclePerks.

Richmond is not the only city to benefit from The Recycling Partnership. Earlier this year, the partnership awarded grants to Columbia, S.C. and Florence, Ala. to stimulate growth of curbside recycling. As a lead sponsor of the organization, Coca-Cola sees its contributions to The Recycling Partnership as an important piece of its efforts to increase recovery and reusability of its products and packaging.

So this summer, kick back, enjoy some baseball, share a Coke and remember to recycle.

For more about how collaborative efforts by Coca-Cola and other partners are increasing recycling across the U.S., visit recyclingpartnership.org. You can also show your superpowers on Twitter or Instagram by posting a photo of your recycling efforts using #realheroesrecycle. For more information about Coca-Cola’s sustainability efforts, visit Coca-ColaCompany.com/sustainability.

Elizabeth Schussler is the Communications Director for The Recycling Partnership, recyclingpartnership.org