Last week, a few of us Coca-Cola employees from around the world traveled to Stockholm to join experts, companies, students, activists and the like, at World Water Week. Each year the event is packed with meetings, speeches, presentations, activities, announcements and more. It was such a busy week, we thought we'd highlight the week for you.

Greg Koch

Greg Koch, Director of Global Water Stewardship, and Karin Krchnak, WWF’s Freshwater Program Director, speaking at World Water Week in Stockholm.

Collaborating was key!
Coca-Cola and the World Wildlife Fund worked together on a lot during the week, including having a canvas each day asking World Water Week attendees to give their opinion in an open forum on a topic: Tell us what the biggest water challenge is in your opinion. What were some of the answers? Quality, public knowledge and securing water for all was especially popular. Someone even suggested to "stop buying new clothes all the time!" I’ll see what I can do to follow that advice!

We Say Water; You Say?

One of our favorite conversation boards in our "Talk To Me" series was headlined "We Say Water, You Say..." People jumped in with responses that were all over the place! Answers included... life, development, protecting watersheds for future generations, cooperation, and happiness. These were just a few of the more than 200 responses we received.

A Couple Announcements

While we were there, we made two big commitments:

Who Tweeted That?
Lots of water facts floating around Twitter during #wwweek. Here are just a few to heighten your knowledge:






The Best Session
While World Water Week was packed with content that exceeded expectations and educated across the board, the best session in my opinion was hosted by Water for People
. They brought together local and national government leaders from countries in Africa to discuss water projects in their regions. The session went beyond the science and cost and into the details of what water really means to a person, a community and their progress. They discussed the barriers they face, the opportunity water brings and the outcomes they hope for. It was educational, emotional and enlightening.

Do you have a fact to add? Or an opinion on the biggest water challenge? Let us know in the comments.

Serena Levy

Serena Levy

Serena Levy is director of water and climate communications at The Coca-Cola Company. You can follow Serena on Twitter at @SerenaLevy.