On Aug. 14 @CocaColaCo hosted a highly engaged #CokeH2O Twitter chat focusing on the importance of safe water access in Africa and beyond. Chat participants asked a total of 24 questions and shared insights with our three expert panelists: CEO of Water for People, Ned Breslin (@NedBreslin), President of Global Environment and Technology Foundation, Naabia Ofosu-Amaah (@Global­_Water) and Global Water Stewardship Director at The Coca-Cola Company, Greg Koch (@gregjkoch1). 

Below are some chat highlights and answers to a few questions that didn't get answered in the allotted hour. 

Chat Highlights:

Unanswered Questions:

In Bamako, Mali, we helped a women's group set up a soap-making business. This meets their hygiene needs and market sales help fund water supply upkeep. 

Partnerships are key for last mile access since many govt programs/funds can't reach peri-urban areas or pay connection fees. Our work with MCC in Cabo Verde is a great example where MCC funds large-scale municipal system development and our funds pay connection fees for the very poor. 

We partner with the Peace Corps in Africa on WASH training. In addition, Water for People, one of our partners, has a 'Water Corps' volunteer program interested people can explore. 

The biggest impact is what people are able to do with their lives & livelihoods, once safe water is secured...think of the improved health & extra time, security & saved calories from not fetching water.

Thanks for chatting with us. Have more to say? Let's continue the conversation in the comments below.