Leading up to Water for Our Future on May,15 2014, WWF and Coca-Cola share responses to water-related questions from select event participants to initiate discussion and continue to raise awareness of our global water challenges. 

For our final installment in the series, we talk to Patrick Cairo of United Water and Dale Jacobson of the World Water Council.

Patrick Cairo

Patrick Cairo
Senior Vice President, Corporate Development
United Water

How would you like to see your counterparts in other sectors help advance solutions/solve the challenges impacting fresh water? (e.g., As a public sector agency, what do you think the role of the private sector is? As an NGO, what roles should government and companies fill)?

  • Governments, particularly local governments, should set policy for its governance and allocation between competing needs; ensure that pricing structures are affordable for all; provide cost subsidies so the less advantaged populations can afford needed water; and safeguard its quality.
  • NGOs should promote the wise use of water; and participate but not try and dominate stakeholder dialogues.
  • Private companies should bring their management, operational, technical and financial expertise to improve water availability.

Patrick Cairo will moderate the “Safe Water for All” panel discussion at Water for Our Future, an event helping shape the agenda for the 7th World Water Forum. Read more about Patrick Cairo and United Water.

Dale Jacobson

Dale Jacobson, PE, BCEE, D.WRE, F.ASCE 
World Water Council

What do you think is the biggest misconception people have about water? 

In the developed world, water is taken for granted – that it will always be there in adequate quantity and quality. Most do not think about the source of the water and how it got to them other than from the tap in their home. Similarly, most do not think about where it goes when it leaves their home via a plumbing fixture.

Dale Jacobson will be participating in the “Preparing for the 7th World Water Forum” panel discussion at Water for Our Future, an event helping shape the agenda for the 7th World Water Forum. Read more about Dale Jacobson and his involvement with the World Water Council.

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