Roses are red; violets are blue.
Cupid approaches... what do you do?

Whether you think Valentine’s Day is the most romantic day of the year or a cleverly masked marketing ploy, you may be making plans to show that certain special someone just how much your care.

For some of us, the holiday is an opportunity to go all out and shower a significant other with decadent gifts; for others, it’s an avenue to get creative and demonstrate the truth behind the philosophy that “less is more.”

What Holds the Key to Your Heart?

Are you hoping for reservations at a coveted restaurant or a surprise delivery of fragrant red roses?  Is a quiet night in, a homemade card, and perhaps a romantic dinner for two more your style? 

Are you sure to impress your sweetheart with expensive jewelry or designer chocolates?  Or does your thrifty better half agree that a convenience store card and a heart-clutching teddy bear is the smarter way to demonstrate true love?

Make your selection above and let us know if you think Valentine's Day is the perfect occasion to go all out or if the less-is-more approach is the way to go.