Each January, many of us welcome the new year with high hopes of self-improvement. Lofty or not, those goals often remain unrealized only to serve as fodder for the following year’s wish list.

For the strong-willed, the motivation for a better tomorrow keeps us walking the straight and narrow for more than just the first few days or weeks of the year. But for others, the grand plan falls apart upon close proximity to the office snack machine, a particularly hard day at work, a squabble with a significant other, or simply the next social gathering.  

How About You? 

Are you still on track to keep your resolution, or has your resolve been quickly derailed (with every intention of kicking that bad habit at some point this year!)? 

Now That's Ambitious!

Did you make an unusual resolution this year? Tell us about it in the comments below, and we might share it on Coca-Cola Journey!