Our policies and programs around the world share a common spirit, and goal: to operate our business, at all times, in a responsible, productive and profitable fashion.

That was our mission when we were founded in 1886, and it is still at the core of who we are and how we run the business today.  

We have active dialogues on public policy around the world and with numerous multilateral and local organizations. But it is important that we highlight the critical role we place on our efforts in the United States. We have keen appreciation for the intersection of policy and politics. As such, and in keeping with U.S. requirements, we have instituted a political engagement policy to ensure compliance with U.S. laws and other requirements regarding contributions to political organizations, candidates for federal, state and local public office, ballot measure campaigns, political action committees and trade associations. 

One hallmark of a responsible business is a clear-eyed understanding of where you’re trying to get, as a for-profit business, and how you plan to get there given the market realities of the industry to which you are attached. The list of things we focus on day-to-day is practically endless. That said, we have a few top advocacy areas, and they are as follows:

  • Product-specific policies, such as taxes, restrictions or regulations: We contribute substantially to the U.S. economy through jobs, investment, taxes and community investment. As such, we actively oppose discriminatory taxes or policies that single out certain products – non-alcoholic beverages, in our case. 
  • Environmental policy: We work hard to maximize the energy efficiency and minimize the impact of our manufacturing and distribution processes, and actively participate in policy discussions that have the potential to impact these areas. We support public policies that deal fairly with water quality, packaging, agriculture and ingredients, as well as other environmental policies and/or actions that have the potential to impact our business.
  • Health & wellnessOur Way Forward is a fundamental part of how we're evolving our long-term business strategy to become a total beverage company. We are taking action Inside the Bottle and Outside the Bottle to give people the drinks they want — including options with less sugar — and the information they need to make informed choices for themselves and their families. In the U.S., we now offer more than 800 beverages, including 250 low and no-calorie options. We are looking for ways to make our beverages better and more nutritious – and we are offering a wide variety of beverages to meet consumer needs. We’re providing smaller, more convenient packaged beverages and displaying calorie information on the front of packaging, vending and fountain machines. We do not design marketing communications in a way that directly appeals to children under the age of 12.  

Political Engagement Policy

We believe in responsible corporate governance, and participate in the political process to support the needs of our business and customers globally, while keeping with our values, character and long-term mission. For a detailed description of our political activities, including lobbying, PACS and legal compliance, please visit our Political Engagement Policy page.