Coca Cola Contributes To Major Calorie Reduction In Marketplace | Company Statement

Removing 6.4 trillion calories from the marketplace is no easy feat.  This accomplishment shows the positive change that happens when we work together across business, government and civil society. As a founding member of the Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation, Coca-Cola has introduced over 100 no- and low- calorie beverages in the last seven years and we have innovated with portion-control packaging and front-of-pack calorie labeling. These efforts, and many others, are helping people make choices that let them lead happier, healthier lives.

Additionally The Coca-Cola Company has contributed the following to the marketplace:

  • We offer more low- and no-calorie options.  People often look for ways to manage their calories so we are helping them by offering low- and no-calorie options for nearly all of our brands. Today, we offer more than 180 low- and no-calorie beverages in the U.S. and Canada, and low- and no-calorie beverages now represent nearly one-third (33%) of our beverage volume in North America. 

  • We made portion control packages more available.  Today people can enjoy a 7.5 fl oz mini can of some of their favorite sparkling beverages,  including Coca-Cola®, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Sprite®, Sprite Zero, Fanta® Orange and Seagram’s® Ginger Ale.

  • We innovated.  Using a natural, zero-calorie sweetener from the stevia plant, we introduced a number a great tasting beverages including vitaminwater zero™.

  • We introduced more zero calorie beverages like Caffeine Free Coke Zero™, DASANI Sparkling Water™ and fruitwater®.

  • We created Coca-Cola Freestyle®, a unique beverage dispenser that truly offers the kind of variety designed to meet peoples’ beverage needs and lifestyles. Coca-Cola Freestyle® provides 70 no- and low-calorie options, more than 90 caffeine-free choices and more than 80 unique brands offered nowhere else.

  • Coca-Cola also pioneered front-of-pack calorie labeling, committing to having nearly all of our products bearing front-of-pack calorie information by the end of 2011.  In partnership with the beverage industry, we rolled out Calories Count™ Vending Program in 2012. We are working with government leaders, restaurant operators, vending machine companies and other customers to increase availability of low- and no-calorie beverages in vending machines. And increasingly, people are seeing the “Calories Count™” signage on vending machines which helps to remind them to consider the calories in their beverage choice.