Coke Zero And Coca Cola Zero Sugar | Company Statement

Coca-Cola No Sugar, in some markets called Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, is a new recipe being introduced around the world. It has an improved taste that is even closer to the great taste of Coca-Cola, but without the sugar. Coca-Cola No Sugar was first introduced in 2016 and continues to roll out in additional markets in 2017. 

Coca-Cola Zero already has no sugar, why change it?

Coca-Cola Zero is already a great tasting drink, but we think with this new recipe, we’ve been able to get even closer to the taste of Coca-Cola Classic/Original Taste. Coca-Cola Zero was launched more than 10 years ago to match the great taste of Coca-Cola.  

What’s different about the recipe of Coca-Cola Zero Sugar?

This is a new and improved recipe. The ingredients are the same but the taste is closer to Coca-Cola Classic, without the sugar.

Are you changing the packaging? Why does my packaging look different? 

The launch of the new packaging is the latest step in our "One Brand" strategy. The new packaging features the iconic Coca-Cola red disc more prominently and zero sugar is called out more clearly on pack.

Why is it called Coke No Sugar in my market and Coke Zero Sugar in others?

Regardless of the name, the taste of this great new recipe is the same. Each country is required to adhere to local regulations regarding labeling of their products.