Ellen Macarthur Foundation Our Oceans Pledge | Company Statement

As a Circular Economy 100 Member and a Core Partner of the New Plastics Economy, we are proud to join the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Our Oceans Pledge, setting the goal to have all of our primary packaging 100% recyclable by 2025.

This goal expands our current recycling performance to include all of our primary packaging. While the great majority of the bottles and cans used to distribute our products are already 100% recyclable, we will expand 100% recyclability to our entire consumer packaging range (including pouches, cartons and others).

This is one of many steps we will take to help ensure our packaging gets recycled and does not end up in the wrong place, in particular our oceans. We believe this is a critical step toward our vision of more sustainable packaging, but we recognize there is more work to do.

We will share our updated vision and path forward in the near future.