San Cristobal Chiapas Mexico | Company Statement

The Coca-Cola Company and our bottling partners have a passion for serving the needs of the community and making a positive impact in every market where we operate.

We recognize the challenges the San Cristóbal community faces, and that is why we have been working with them for nearly a decade to provide community water tanks, roof-top water collectors, and water conservation projects to help address this issue.

In Chiapas, our bottling plant pays a market rate based on its water use. The rate is set and regulated by the government. No matter where we operate, we are constantly evaluating the sustainability of our water use and ensuring that our business does not interfere with the needs of the community.

We also agree too much sugar isn’t good for anyone, and that is why we are taking actions around the world to help people drink less sugar from our beverages.  In Mexico, 45% of our broad portfolio of products are low or no- sugar.  We are continuing to reformulate our products in Mexico to further reduce overall sugar consumption.

Chiapas Water Details: Through our National Reforestation and Harvesting Program in alliance with Coca-Cola Mexico Foundation and Pronatura, we have planted in the last 9 years more than 205,000 trees in the state of Chiapas and installed 19 water community tanks, 38 roof-water collectors, 45 backyard orchards, 15 fruit orchards and 35 wood saving stoves to directly benefit the communities close to our operation and in the State of Chiapas.

Mexico Product/Sugar Details: We offer a broad portfolio in Mexico that includes 75 brands with 45% of our products that are low or no- sugar.  We have reduced the calorie content of our portfolio by 21% within the last decade and today we offer 260 products with less than 100 calories. But we are not stopping there, we are continuing to reformulate to include more than 70 recipes with less sugar in Mexico.