As one of the world’s most inclusive brands, The Coca-Cola Company celebrates diversity, inclusion and equality. This commitment not only manifests itself in its brands’ advertisements, but also in its daily operations.

The company has long protected employees from discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity and expression, having scored 100 percent on the Human Rights Campaign’s Corporate Equality Index every year since 2006.

"We are thrilled to receive a 100 percent score on the Human Rights Campaign’s Corporate Equality Index," said Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer Lori George Billingsley. "Our commitment to diversity, inclusion and equality, and our support for our colleagues, family members and friends is intrinsic and enduring. We have always and will continue to demonstrate this commitment through both our policies and actions."

With an active LGBTQA Business Resource Group (BRG) in operation for almost 15 years, Coca-Cola has been on the forefront of ensuring equality for its LGBTQ associates. In 2011, the company began offering transgender-inclusive health insurance coverage and in 2015 it began assisting with the costs of taxes imposed on eligible U.S. employees whose same-sex spouse or partner was enrolled in health benefits and who lived in states that did not recognize same-sex marriage.

Coca-Cola was also one of the first companies in the U.S. to publicly support the Employment Non-Discrimination Act and it stood along 379 businesses to file an amicus brief with the Supreme Court in support of marriage equality. Partnering with local and national LGBTQ organizations, Coca-Cola further launched the “Next Generation LGBTQ Leaders’ Initiative” – a program designed to connect, educate and inspire young LGBTQ leaders to advance the community across all sectors.

Through these initiatives, the company celebrates LGBTQ associates within its Coca-Cola family. Here are some of their stories.