People everywhere are discovering that Coke Zero Sugar really does taste like a Coke, and nobody's more excited about it than Guillermo, Jimmy Kimmel’s right-hand man.

In fact, Guillermo was so excited that he traveled all the way to the ESPN College GameDay set on the Virginia Tech campus to spread the news.

In a short and silly "Jimmy Kimmel Live" segment on Oct. 9, Guillermo interviews Virginia Tech students and challenges them to trust their own taste buds by trying Coke Zero Sugar for themselves. That is, when Guillermo is willing to share…

A big celebration ensues, with both Guillermo and the students agreeing that Coke Zero Sugar has a refreshing Coca-Cola taste.

Coca-Cola partnered with "Jimmy Kimmel Live" to excite audiences at ESPN College GameDay about Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, but the excitement doesn’t need to end there.

Look for Coke Zero Sugar across primetime and premium sports such as ESPN College Gameday and NASCAR Playoffs, and be sure to give it a try for yourself.