A new line of chilled, canned Costa Coffee will launch in Great Britain this month, representing the first major product introduction since Coca-Cola acquired Costa Coffee earlier this year.

Costa Coffee Ready-to-Drink (RTD) will be available in three popular Costa Coffee flavors – Classic Latte, Caramel Latte and Black Americano – made with the same Rainforest Alliance Certified Mocha Italia Signature Blend coffee beans used in all Costa Coffees and containing a double shot of espresso. The new brand delivers an authentic coffee taste experience with 30% less sugar than most RTD coffees in Great Britain.

“Our teams at Coca-Cola and Costa Coffee have been working around the clock to make our shared vision of Costa Coffee ready-to-drink coffee a reality,” said Jennifer Mann, president of global ventures, Coca-Cola. “This demonstrates the power of our partnership. It combines the marketing expertise, global scale and distribution credentials of the Coca-Cola system with Costa Coffee’s expertise and capabilities in coffee.”

The launch is the latest example of Coca-Cola’s evolution to become total beverage company – driven by a strategy to offer more drinks more people want, in more categories, package options and calorie counts. Coffee is a large and growing category, but Coca-Cola has not had a strong, global coffee platform until now.

Coca-Cola and Costa Coffee collaborated to develop and commercialize the new RTD coffee range – which will launch in Poland and China in the coming months – in less than six months. There are no plans to introduce Costa RTD in the United States.

Dominic Paul, CEO of Costa Coffee, added, “Through this collaboration, we’ve been able to work together to offer consumers the great taste of Costa Coffee in a can for the first time. We are committed to working together to give consumers more opportunities to enjoy the Costa Coffee they know and love, whenever they want, wherever they are. We’re really proud to have bought this product to market at such speed while still ensuring the range has proper coffee at its heart.”

The launch will supported by an integrated marketing campaign including outdoor and digital advertising, PR and sampling. The campaign will include a nod to Costa Coffee’s coffee shop heritage (Costa operates more than 2,600 coffee shops in the UK, where it has been voted the favorite coffee shop brand nine years in a row).