At Coca-Cola, we’ve proudly served our drinks for more than 130 years and managed brands that refresh millions of people across the world every day. We know that the trust many millions of consumers place in our brands comes with a responsibility to do business the right way.

The Coca-Cola Company has always taken seriously its commitment to market responsibly, in every country and across all advertising media. We have been a leader in the area of Responsible Marketing, particularly with regard to responsible marketing practices when children are present. Since 2010 we have followed the principles set out in our global Responsible Marketing Policy.

The Responsible Marketing Policy guides our entire approach to marketing and establishes firm rules for what we will and won’t do. We use independent auditors to check that we're complying with the policy.

In the U.S., we’re not only committed to the global policy but we go even further by not buying any advertising for our brands that is targeted at children under 13. What that means in practice is that if more than 35% of the audience is under 13, you won’t see our advertising adverts placed there. We apply this across all media channels including TV, print media, outdoor, cinema, digital and social media.