America’s top chilled juice and juice drink brand is welcoming a new lower-sugar, lower-calorie line to its portfolio this summer. Simply® Light beverages are now available nationwide in four flavors: Simply Light Orange Pulp Free, Simply Light Orange with Calcium & Vitamin D, Simply Light Lemonade and Simply Light Lemonade with Raspberry.

The two Simply Light Orange varieties feature half the sugar and calories of Simply Orange, and Simply Light Lemonades include 75% less sugar and fewer calories than Simply Lemonades.

Simply Light beverages are available online via Amazon Fresh and at grocery stores in the brand’s signature multi-serve, 52-oz Simply Carafe. Simply Light Orange Juice Pulp Free and Simply Light Lemonade also are available in single-serve, 11.5-oz bottles.

“We know consumers are increasingly looking for lower-calorie, lower-sugar beverages, and that their options in the juice category are limited,” said Kelly Marx, brand director, Simply Beverages. “We also know Simply fans have come to expect great taste from their favorite juices and ades, so we kept that in mind throughout the development.”

Marx said she hopes Simply Light will help bring back consumers who have left the brand or the juice category and recruit new fans into the Simply franchise. “This new line should be very incremental to our business,” she added, noting the brand’s growth in 2017 and strong start to 2018.

In keeping with the brand promise, “The Best Things in Life Are Made Simply,” Simply Light Orange Juice beverages and Simply Light Lemonades are made from pure and simple, non-GMO ingredients.   

A full Simply Light marketing campaign will help spread the word about the new line via TV, social/digital and in-store advertising. The campaign reminds juice lovers that “The Best Things in Life are Made Simply.”

“Simply has always been about transparency – simple, authentic ingredients,” Marx said. “Consumers love being able to turn over the carafe and see exactly what’s in their juice.”

Research also showed Simply fans love the role Simply plays in their busy, often-chaotic lifestyles. “We learned that our fans feel overwhelmed – with social media, news, activities and to-do lists,” Marx added. “They want to simplify their lives. And that’s where Simply fits in. It’s all about this simple choice when it comes to juice. With Simply, what you see is what you get.”

Simply Light will target Simply’s core consumer group of 25 to 49-year-olds, 75 percent of whom are parents.