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Coca-Cola's impact beyond our beverages

Making Progress and Reporting On It

Check out our 2016 Sustainability Report, covering Our Way Forward, progress toward our 2020 goals, how we’re giving back, and more. This year, our primary report data is presented in infographic, one-page fact sheets. Wanting more? Supporting information is a click away!

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2016 Sustainability Report

Meeting at the Intersections

Achieving maximum impact from our sustainability efforts requires integrated programs. For the first time, this year, our Sustainability Report highlights where our sustainability programs intersect, such as how our work replenishing water positively impacts women. view full story


Getting Smart with Agriculture in Africa

Our Replenish Africa Initiative (RAIN) and partner CARE are championing Water Smart Agriculture technologies and practices to help 32,000 women smallholder farmers in Africa increase production and become more food- and water-secure. view full story

2016 Sustainability Report

A Snapshot of Progress toward Our 2020 Goals

Interested in an easy download? We’ve created a one-page progress snapshot that shows year-over-year progress toward our 2020 goals and more. Track our progress with us! view full story

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