As prepared for delivery

Thank you, Dan (Wieden), for those kind words, and thank you all for this incredible recognition for The Coca-Cola Company.

Dan - having you present this to us tonight is also a very special honor.

If there were ever two modern day anti -Mad Men, it would be you and David. Thank you for your inspired creativity, passion and innovation.

Wieden + Kennedy has been a great partner for The Coca-Cola Company for nearly a decade.

McCann Erickson has been a partner with us for many, many decades. Much of what you saw on that video tonight they were responsible for creating. Thank you John Dooner and Phil Geir for their leadership for so many years.

Also, Ogilvy & Mather are important partners with us around the world on brand Coca-Cola and many other brands. I want to thank Shelly Lazurus and Miles Young for their partnership and support.

Finally, great communications don't mean anything unless they're placed in the right media. For that we owe special thanks to Universal McCann and Starcom MediaVest. I truly want to thank Jacki Kelley, Jack Klues and Laura Desmond for their leadership and support.

And, of course, I want to thank... The Academy J!!

Tonight, we at Coca-Cola feel as though we are at home with our extended family.

That's because no other industry has played a more important role in the success of our business these past 126 years than the advertising industry.

Those whimsical, emotional and inspiring spots you just saw are the work of so many brilliant people in the advertising community -- past and present -- here tonight.

From our first advertising campaign, The Pause that Refreshes in the 1920s ... to Things Go Better with Coke in the '60s ... to our present day Open Happiness -- our goal has always been to create moments of happiness through emotional stories that connect with people in an authentic way.

Tonight's recognition gives us reason to believe that we've been at least somewhat successful in doing just that.

Our job is to ensure that we begin our next 126 years on a foundation that is every bit as memorable and impactful.

We owe that to so many of the Coca-Cola greats who came before me. People like Don Keough, Ike Herbert, Sergio Zyman, Peter Sealy, Bill Sharp, Chuck Fruit and many, many more. And to all those inside and outside Coca-Cola who have made our brand the most recognized and valued in the world.

You see we believe the Golden Age of Advertising didn't stop in the 1960s with those Mad Men we watch on TV.

No, we believe the Maddest of Men and Women are right here tonight... and our most Golden of Age is just around the corner!

An age where we're creating shared value for all whom we touch.

An age where we're building a truly networked community across the advertising/consumer engagement industry.

An age where the winners are those businesses and organizations that move beyond just creating brand loyalty to creating brand advocacy.

Think of the base we're starting from today...

845 million networked consumers on facebook.

6 billion cell phone subscriptions.

2 and a half billion people regularly connected to the Internet.

Endless possibilities to co-create and curate stories about our brands.

Endless opportunities to turn impressions into consumer expressions that lead to conversations... and more transactions.

Together, ladies and gentlemen, we can create this new Golden Age. And we look forward to continuing this storied partnership with the advertising community and with each of you.

So, on behalf of the nearly 800,000 employees of The Coca-Cola Company and System around the world, I want to thank you again for this tremendous honor and for this wonderful evening.

I can assure you, with our continued partnership... the best is yet to come!

Thank you for this great honor and recognition!