Effective Aug. 1, 2016 (unless otherwise noted)

Europe, Middle East and Africa Group (EMEA)

Brian Smith, President, EMEA Group

            Dan Sayre, President, Western Europe

            Nikos Koumettis, President, Central and Eastern Europe

            Kelvin Balogun, President, South and East Africa

            Zoran Vucinic, President, Middle East and North Africa

            Galya Molinas, President, Turkey, Caucasus and Central Asia

            Peter Njonjo, President, West Africa

Nathan Kalumbu

Latin America Group

Alfredo Rivera, President, Latin America Group

            Francisco Crespo, President, Mexico

            Henrique Braun, President, Brazil (effective Sept. 1)

            Therese Gearhart, President, Latin Center

            Joao Marcelo Ramires, President, South Latin

            Xiemar Zarazua, Vice President, Strategic Ventures, Latin America (effective Sept. 1)

Asia Pacific Group

John Murphy, President, Asia Pacific Group

            Curt Ferguson, President, Greater China and Korea (effective Sept. 1)

            Iain McLaughlin, President, ASEAN

            Tim Brett, President, Japan

            Roberto Mercadé, President, South Pacific

            Venkatesh Kini, President, India and Southwest Asia

Atul Singh, Chairman, Asia Pacific Group