Calin Dragan
Regional Director, Bottling Investments Group ASEAN and Middle East

Calin Dragan is the Regional Director for the Bottling Investments Group’s (BIG) ASEAN and Middle East bottlers. 

Dragan most recently served as Representative Director and acting Chairman of the Board, President and CEO of Coca-Cola East Japan (CCEJ), a publicly-listed company on the Tokyo Stock Exchange and the fifth largest Coca-Cola bottler in the world in terms of revenue, with annual turnover of approximately USD 5 billion. 

CCEJ was the product of a merger of five independent Coca-Cola bottling companies in Japan with 13,000 employees.  As part of this merger and integration, Dragan has overseen the consolidation of 26 separate subsidiary companies down to four, and the acquisition of an additional bottling company in a period of 20 months, successfully navigating a complex cultural, regulatory, competitive and labor-relations environment. 

At the same time, Dragan has introduced global best practices in the areas of governance, diversity and compensation, with a Board of Directors and Committee structure that newly includes both independent and non-executive directors, strong improvements in the hiring and retention of female management, and a pay-for-performance compensation program to align employee incentives with the Company’s overall performance.  Finally, Dragan has led incremental investments of over USD 375 million in two years for a complete refresh of the company’s production assets with ten new production lines as well as the introduction of an SAP-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. 

Dragan previously served as Executive Vice President and Representative Director of Coca-Cola West Bottling Company in Japan, with over 9,000 employees.  For two years, Dragan was responsible for developing and implementing a comprehensive business model transformation plan as well as managing Business Systems and Information Technology. 

In addition, Dragan has worked on prior Coca-Cola bottling company mergers, having successfully integrated three bottling businesses with close to 4,000 employees into one in Romania.  He was the Chief Executive Officer and General Administrator of Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company’s business in Romania and the Republic of Moldova for almost 7 years.  During this time Dragan served as a Board member of the American Chamber of Commerce in Romania.

Calin Dragan was also Commercial Director for Coca-Cola Bevande Italy and Commercial Director in Romania, with significant experience in logistics, route-to-market and channel marketing.

Dragan graduated from the Polytechnic University of Timisoara with a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and Optical, Opto-Electronic and Medical Devices.