Operations Leadership- Xiemar Zarazúa

Xiemar Zarazúa

Vice President, Strategic Ventures, Latin America 
The Coca-Cola Company

Xiemar Zarazua is Vice President, Strategic Ventures, Latin America. 

Xiemar was previously President of The Coca-Cola Company's Brazil Business Unit, a position he held since October 2008.  Apart from the activities which stem from his position, he is a member of several boards of franchises of the Coca-Cola System in Brazil as well as in Latin America.

Before moving to Brazil, Xiemar held the position of Latin Center Business Unit President from August 2006 to September 2008.  Based in San Jose, Costa Rica, the business unit comprises all of Central America, the Caribbean, Colombia, Ecuador, Guiana, Surinam and Venezuela.

Xiemar joined the Company in 1984 in the Mexico Division, where he built an ascending career with experience in several areas.  Holding positions in several countries of Central America and the Caribbean, he became acquainted with their different cultures, traditions and markets.

Born in Monterrey, Mexico, Xiemar graduated with a degree in Economy from the Universidad Autónoma of Monterey, and a post-graduate degree in Finance from the Instituto Technológico of Monterrey.