Senior Functional Leadership- Bernhard Goepelt

Bernhard Goepelt

Senior Vice President and General Counsel

The Coca-Cola Company

Bernhard Goepelt is Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Chief Legal Counsel of The Coca-Cola Company.

Goepelt joined The Coca-Cola Company in March 1992 as Legal Counsel for the German Division based in Essen, Germany and was promoted to Deputy Division Counsel in 1995.

In January 1997, Goepelt was appointed Legal Counsel for the Middle and Far East Group. He moved to Thailand in November 1998 and was promoted to Division Counsel for the Southeast and West Asia Division in 1999.

In January 2003, Goepelt was appointed Group Counsel for the Central Europe, Eurasia and Middle East Group, based in Vienna. In October 2004, Goepelt was appointed Group Counsel for Japan, South Pacific and Korea, based in Tokyo. In June 2005, he assumed the position of General Counsel for Japan and China. Goepelt moved to Hong Kong in March 2007 to assume the role of General Counsel for the Pacific Group.

In April 2010, Goepelt moved to Atlanta to become Associate General Counsel of Global Marketing, Commercial Leadership and Strategy. In September 2010, he took on the additional responsibility of General Counsel for the Pacific Group. In addition to his functional responsibilities, Goepelt managed the administration of the Legal Division. He was named to his current position in December 2011.

Following his legal studies and his clerkship at the civil court in Essen, Germany, Goepelt received his German local bar admission in 1992. He finished his doctoral programme in 1994 with a thesis on freedom of speech and unfair competition.