The Coca-Cola Company exists to benefit and refresh everyone it touches.

That's the Coca-Cola Promise. More than 1.9 billion times everyday consumers choose our brands for refreshment and expect nothing but 100% quality - every time. Achieving this requires flawless execution across the entire supply chain, and as a supplier to the Coca-Cola system, you play a vital role in ensuring the quality and integrity of our beverages.

Whether you're a current or potential supplier of ingredients, packaging materials, sales and marketing equipment, or a co-packer, the following documents define our quality and food safety requirements.

There is a common document for all suppliers (SU-RQ-005) which details the general requirements. Sector documents are available currently for ingredient, packaging and immediate consumption equipment (ICE) suppliers.  The third tier documents define specific requirements based on category – for example: sucrose, carbon dioxide, PET, glass etc.

All Suppliers:

Supplier Requirements

Ingredient Suppliers:

Supplier Requirements

Supplier Food Allergen and Sensitivity Control

Global Food Allergen and Sensitivity Template

Packaging Suppliers:

Supplier Requirements

Immediate Consumption Equipment Suppliers:

Supplier Requirements

Additional Category Requirement documents and Specifications will be available from your local Business Unit.