2010-2011 brought big changes to The Coca-Cola Company in North America

The Company’s acquisition of the North American operations of Coca-Cola Enterprises, formerly the largest of our bottlers on the continent, led to the formation of Coca-Cola Refreshments. This vertical integration increases operating effectiveness and efficiency by combining the current manufacturing and distribution capabilities into one unified organization. These changes strengthen our commitment to work toward sustainability and provide an opportunity for further momentum in North America.

At Coca-Cola Refreshments, we are dedicated to being an environmental leader and good corporate citizen in North America. Guided by our LIVE POSITIVELY® philosophy, we desire to make a long-term, positive difference in the world by redesigning the way we work and live to ensure sustainability is part of everything we do.

The health of our business is directly linked to the health of the environment and the communities we serve. In North America, we focus on areas where we can have the most significant impacts: water stewardship; sustainable packaging; energy efficiency and climate protection; and healthy communities. Because all these areas are integral elements of our business, we are uniquely qualified to address these challenges.

Focus Areas

Water Stewardship

We are dedicated to improving our water stewardship in North America by using water more efficiently and replenishing the water we use in our products. We do this by investing in projects that include community access to water and watershed protection and conservation. We're making progress, and our partners, such as farmers, are helping us get there.

Sustainability Packaging

We are looking for ways to make our packaging more sustainable by optimizing our efficiency, increasing our use of renewable and recycled materials, and eliminating landfill waste through recycling. We are working with associates, partners and people like you to create and maintain programs that help us reach our packaging goals.

Energy Eficiency and Climate Protection

We are committed to looking for ways to reduce our air emissions by streamlining our energy usage and investing in renewable energy technologies. From alternative zero-emission trucks to energy efficient cooling equipment, it's all in an effort to reduce our carbon emissions.

Healthy Communities

We know that the success of our business is tied to the success of the communities in which we live and work, which is why we support initiatives that make an impact on community needs and priorities. Through the Coca-Cola Foundation, we support communities all across North America.