PlantBottle packaging is the latest breakthrough from The Coca-Cola Company designed to change the way the world thinks of plastic bottles. It is the first ever fully recyclable PET plastic beverage bottle made partially from plants. The material looks and functions just like traditional PET plastic, but has a lighter footprint on the planet and its scarce resources.


We have a long history of leading the industry in sustainable packaging. PlantBottle packaging wouldn't be here today without the then ground-breaking milestones that are now part of our everyday lives.


Today's PlantBottle packaging is our first-generation PET plastic bottle containing plant-based materials. This breakthrough reduces our dependence on nonrenewable resources and is still a 100 percent recyclable bottle.


Next generation PlantBottle packaging is already on the drawing board. We're looking at ways for technology to help us develop an even better bottle. Stay tuned. There's a lot more to come as we further develop our PlantBottle packaging.