Darlene Nicosia

Vice President Commercial Products Supply

Darlene Nicosia

Darlene Nicosia is the Vice President, Commercial Products Supply. In this role, she leads a multi-billion dollar supply chain responsible for the manufacturing and sale of concentrates and beverage bases to our global bottling operations.

Prior to moving into this role, Darlene was Vice President and Chief Procurement Officer for The Coca-Cola Company. She led Coca-Cola’s procurement transformation, adding to the company’s bottom line through global productivity efforts and building upon the company’s reputational equity through various packagaing and agricultural sustainability programs. During her tenure in procurement, she developed and implemented several initiatives that redefined procurement’s role as a strategic business partner while instilling a culture of excellence through capability development, process discipline and cross-functional collaboration.

Darlene joined the company in 1993 as an analyst in Coca-Cola Fountain. She went on to hold positions that included Distributor Account Executive for the McDonald’s Group, Group Manager Fountain Marketing Execution, and Europe Group Director of Procurement. Before starting her career with The Coca-Cola Company, Darlene was employed by Kraft Foods and Frito-Lay Snack Food Division of Pepsico.

Darlene holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business from The Ohio State University and a Master’s degree in Business Management from the Georgia Institute of Technology.