Rudy M. Beserra

Senior Vice President, Latin Affairs

The Coca-Cola Company

Rudy M. Beserra is Coca-Cola’s Senior Vice President for Latin Affairs. He began his career at Coca-Cola in 1989, after serving as Special Assistant to President Ronald Reagan on Latino and Small Business Affairs.

He has built a long successful career as an advocate and voice for the Latino community. With Coca-Cola, he has strengthened the company’s bridge to hundreds of Latino organizations and small businesses in the U.S.

Beserra is an active member of a number of prominent Latino focused organizations and has received a variety of awards and recognitions for his work on behalf of Latino businesses and the Hispanic community.

During his tenure with the Reagan administration, Beserra was instrumental in creating The Hispanic Heritage Foundation's Hispanic Heritage Awards. They were established by the White House to commemorate the creation of National Hispanic Heritage Month in the United States.

Beserra is a graduate of the University of New Mexico.