Our suppliers and business partners are vital to our continued success. They help us refresh the world, more than 1.7 billion times every day, by delivering necessary products and services for our business.

Having a sound, stable and ethical supply base is important for our growth and the footprint we leave in local communities around the world. Our suppliers provide our system with materials, including ingredients, packaging and machinery, as well as goods and services. As a company, we have a responsibility to hold our direct suppliers and bottling partners to standards no less than those required by applicable law. We also have an opportunity to support community development by purchasing goods and services from minority- and women-owned business enterprises (MWBEs).

Our suppliers are expected, at a minimum, to conduct business in an ethical manner and comply with all applicable laws and regulations. Our Supplier Guiding Principles (SGPs) communicate our values and expectations for our bottling partners and business partners. The SGPs are a part of all supplier agreements, and a pre-certification practice is in place for trademark marketing suppliers. Suppliers also are provided training and assistance programs on an as-needed basis for areas where they need to improve their operations.

We assess our suppliers according to adherence to our Supplier Guiding Principles, which emphasize the importance of responsible workplace policies and practices that comply, at a minimum, with applicable environmental laws and with local labor laws and regulations. In addition, we expect suppliers to comply with our Code of Business Conduct for Suppliers, which describes our standards in the areas of conflicts of interest, business and financial records, bribery and information protection.

Suppliers for the Coca-Cola system are expected to operate their businesses according to the highest standards of business conduct, labor rights, quality and service. Please review our Supplier Guiding Principles, Code of Business Conduct for Suppliers, Workplace Rights Policy and Human Rights Statement to better understand our expectations.

If you are interested in becoming a supplier, go to the suppliers application.