In early 2017, James Quincey announced new strategic priorities aimed at continuing to drive our transformation as a total beverage company. Mr. Quincey became Chief Executive Officer later that year and since then has steered the Company through a period of fundamental changes in the industry. One of the cornerstones of this work has involved shaping a growth-oriented culture at all levels of the organization.

We, the Compensation Committee, are committed to ensuring that our compensation programs help drive the Company’s focus on disciplined growth. To align our 2018 compensation programs to this strategy, we conducted a comprehensive review to ensure that we incentivize growth and continue to pay for performance while also focusing on key growth metrics and long-term shareowner value. During this process, we listened to feedback from employees, leaders and shareowners.

We refreshed our 2018 talent and compensation philosophy to focus more sharply on employee performance and the future potential to drive long-term growth, with a strong emphasis on accountability to deliver the right work in the right way. We introduced enhancements to annual incentive and performance-based equity programs, which included measures focused on driving growth, differentiation and segmentation, as well as simplicity and transparency.

Our renewed compensation programs deliver highly differentiated rewards for employees who make outstanding contributions to the Company. Our programs are also intended to help shift the Company’s culture, encouraging employees to be fast, agile, empowered and accountable.

Our Compensation Discussion and Analysis describes specific program design changes in 2018 and individual compensation decisions and rationales for the 2018 Named Executive Officers. We remain committed to listening to shareowner feedback as we continue to evaluate and refine the Company’s compensation programs.


To explain the rationale behind changes to our compensation framework, we have added “Compensation Committee Insights” throughout the CD&A, which highlight changes made in the last twelve months. We hope that you find them useful and welcome your feedback.

Maria Elena Lagomasino

Christopher C. Davis

Helene D. Gayle

Alexis M. Herman