Billions of people have "kissed" the Coca-Cola glass bottle over the last 100 years. Hopefully, you're one of them. And if so, you're in pretty good company.

"Kissed By", one of many elements of the global marketing campaign marking the 100th anniversary of the Coca-Cola bottle, features Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley and Ray Charles being "kissed by" the iconic bottle.

Contour 100: I've Been Kissed_Ray 400
Taken from 1969 'Things Go Better with Coke' TV ad. Learn more.

The idea? That anyone can be "kissed by" Coca-Cola by simply taking a sip from the iconic glass bottle. The classic images featured in the campaign touch on both the inspirational role the Coca-Cola bottle has played in film, music and social history, and its power to bring people bother.

Inspired by a quote by artist Andy Warhol, "Kissed By" celebrates the specialness of Coca-Cola and the iconic bottle. Coca-Cola connects us across generations and across the globe through the simple act of drinking an icy cold Coca-Cola from the iconic glass bottle, a symbol of refreshment and uplift.

From the delightful sound of the bottle opening, to the moment when your lips “kiss” the ice-cold bottle, we all, no matter how famous or how far, have shared those same experiences of happiness. 

Contour 100: I've Been Kissed (Elvis)
Between takes at RCA Victor’s Studio 1 in New York in 1956, Elvis Presley laughs as he drinks a Coca-Cola. At the session, Presley and his band recorded both ‘Hound Dog’ and ‘Don’t be Cruel’. 

Alfred Wertheimer/ Getty Images

Like Coca-Cola, Marilyn, Elvis and Ray became pop culture icons because of their ability to create happiness for people by way of presence and sensory experience. They're enduringly cool – global stars and street artists alike continue to look to them for inspiration – and they are global, transcending geographical borders. 

The imagery will appear in the following mediums in outdoor advertising, point-of-sale materials, and social and digital media.