As the official sponsor of the Tunisian national team, Coca-Cola aims to "bring out the Grintaa" in all fans.

A Coca-Cola ad saluting Tunisia's national football team's journey to the Africa Cup of Nations (ACN) garnered more than 700,000 views on YouTube and 116,000 shares on Facebook last week, making it the world's most shared ad for the week.

As of Feb. 2, those figures had risen to nearly 1.1million views on YouTube and 150,000 shares on Facebook.

The three-and-a half-minute ad urges Tunisians to rally behind their national football team and features music by Si Lemhef, a popular artist from the Tunisian Revolution. Several national team players also are included in the spot, which can be seen below.

"Tunisians are naturally football fanatics, and we all have a strong connection to the national team, particularly during the Africa Cup of Nations, when rivalry on the continent is at a high point," said Sami Chahed, Franchise Manager, Tunisia. "In addition, given the uncertainty that has permeated daily Tunisian life as a result of political changes over the past year, we have tapped into the down-to-earth moments of happiness everyone can experience by cheering for our national team."

In line with the Euro charter, a local campaign launched to support the Tunisian national team at the ACN. The campaign follows a simple formula: a normal guy + a football match + a bottle of Coke = an inspired and determined person "possessed by football happiness."

The campaign calls for Tunisians to bring out their inner "Grintaa" (craziness) when enjoying Coca-Cola and a football match.

"Engaging Si Lemhef was really critical to the project's success," said Sonia Laroui , Senior Marketing Manager, North Africa. "By partnering with him on the music, we are able to tap into young people's desire for change and expression. And since Tunisians are extremely active on social media, we were keen to use this medium. We are extremely proud that we were the globally most shared video."