Jakarta's first Learning Lounge opened last year with the help of The Coca-Cola Company. The youth-oriented center, which is free to the public, seeks to play a positive role in the community by promoting reading and technology skills, and providing inspirational materials on the environment and healthy living.

"We believe that youths have the potential to be agents of change," says Titie Sadarini, chief executive of The Coca-Cola Foundation Indonesia. "However, there are few infrastructures for them to maximize this potential."

The Learning Center program is a social investment that aims to be part of that infrastructure. Housed in Plaza Semanggi Mall, the Learning Lounge was developed in partnership with Dewi Hughes International Foundation, which shares Coca-Cola's vision of educating Indonesia's youth. The program has been around since 2000, turning conventional public libraries into active learning hubs. To date, The Coca-Cola Foundation Indonesia has developed 33 community learning centers across 14 provinces in Indonesia, benefiting 5 million people annually.

Coca-Cola's History in Indonesia

Coca-Cola was first introduced to Indonesia in 1927 and was produced locally for the first time in 1932. Today Coca-Cola is produced in 10 bottling plants in Indonesia. From the business side, the Coca-Cola system directly employs 10,000 people; it indirectly generates employment for approximately 100,000 Indonesians. From the community side, Coca-Cola is involved in a number of programs focused on education, community water sustainability, and micro enterprise development. During the past five years, the Coca-Cola system has invested more than $450 million in Indonesia, demonstrating its belief in Indonesia as a market of opportunity.