Earlier this summer, we were devastated to see a video from Animal Recovery Mission showing acts of animal cruelty at Fair Oaks Farms. We care deeply about animal welfare, and these acts left everyone at Coca-Cola with heavy hearts. Any form of animal cruelty is unacceptable and against our values. That’s why we took immediate action with our partners at fairlife to make this right.

  • fairlife immediately discontinued the use of milk from Fair Oaks Farms. No milk from any Fair Oaks Farms locations is being used in fairlife products.
  • fairlife conducted independent audits at its supplying dairy farms using auditors from Food Safety Net Services Certification and Audit, LLC (FSNS C&A).  These audits concluded in July and did not report evidence of animal cruelty or abuse.
  • The Coca-Cola Company conducted its own independent, third-party audits of fairlife’s supplying dairy farms using auditors from Validus Verification services, who reported that they did not witness any acts of animal abuse at any of the locations.

In addition to audits, however, there is more to do to raise the bar on animal welfare in our supply chain. We are identifying both near- and longer-term opportunities for our suppliers to continue improving animal and worker care practices — not only to ensure they are best-in-class, but to ensure they reflect the values we believe in and the high expectations our stakeholders have of us. Immediate next steps being taken by The Coca-Cola Company include:

  • Establishing an International Dairy Advisory Council of The Coca-Cola Company to advise on animal welfare issues and assure continuous improvement. This council will include experts who will work to guide policy improvements in alignment with science-based standards from leading animal welfare, dairy, agricultural and quality organizations. An animal welfare representative from fairlife will also join this council.
  • Working with fairlife to further strengthen oversight and governance of all aspects of its dairy supply chain including animal health and husbandry, on-farm management, housing, transportation, environment, and biosecurity.  This work will help assure the welfare of animals, the safety of workers, and food quality and safety across fairlife’s supplying dairy farms every day.
  • Providing support to leaders at fairlife’s supplying farms on human and workplace rights programs and policies, leveraging our system’s extensive experience on these topics in our supply chain around the world.
  • Finalizing animal welfare guidelines that provide a framework for our suppliers regarding the treatment of animals.

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