I know it has been a difficult week for our Coca-Cola family. When the integrity of one of our brands or partners comes into question, it feels personal. Like all of you, I was deeply saddened by the horrific acts of animal abuse discovered at Fair Oaks Farms.

This isn’t what we stand for, and it isn’t what our partners stand for either. But it’s clear we all need to do more to ensure our suppliers operate with the highest standards of integrity.

As the world’s largest beverage company, it is our responsibility to lead in times like this. People have high expectations of Coca-Cola’s conduct and products, and we recognize that we must play a stronger role in improving animal welfare across the dairy industry.  

Immediately, we will begin conducting our own independent investigations of all fairlife’s dairy suppliers to ensure they uphold the highest standards of animal welfare. This is in addition to the increased audits already announced by fairlife (they are now requiring 24 unannounced animal welfare audits a year for all suppliers).

In addition, as we continue to grow our total beverage business, we are taking steps to ensure that internationally recognized animal welfare standards are appropriately enforced through our Sustainable Agriculture Guiding Principles, our Supplier Guiding Principles and our auditing processes. 

While there is much more to do on this issue in the days and weeks ahead, I am incredibly proud of the way our team has stepped up to lead. I want to thank everyone who has worked closely with our fairlife and Fair Oaks Farms partners, called on our customers and rapidly responded to our consumers to ensure their concerns were addressed.

Many of you have shared helpful and meaningful feedback with us over the past few days, and we sincerely appreciate it. We’ve also heard that you want the opportunity to share our actions with your families and friends in social media. Please feel free to share and retweet our company’s Facebook and Twitter messages released this afternoon. You can also direct people to our statement on Coca-Cola Journey.

Thank you for all you’re doing to support each other and our business.