The safety and quality of all our products is paramount and is something we would never compromise. This has been the case since we first began making Coca-Cola more than 120 years ago.

The examples used in a paper by the International Journal of Clinical Practice are all extreme cases of chronic consumption (3-9 liters per day). Moderate consumption of cola drinks is safe and people can continue to enjoy such drinks as part of a sensible, balanced diet and active lifestyle. The foundation of good nutrition is balance, variety and moderation.

This paper is a review -- it is not scientific research (ie, clinical study) and is an insufficient basis to claim cola consumption causes hypokalaemia. The reported cases of hypokalaemia were associated with persistent consumption of unusually large quantities of cola drinks, which does not represent typical cola soft drink consumption pattern among consumers. Furthermore, the authors speculate that moderate quantities of caffeine (180-360mg) may result in hypokalaemia. The observation is not supported by any well-designed clinical study.

We market our products in a responsible manner and have taken a leading role to provide fact-based nutrition and health information for all our products. We believe providing fact-based nutrition and health information for all our products, supported by effective consumer messaging and education programs, will help empower people to select sensible, balanced diets and become more physically active.