Throughout our 123-year history we have proudly supported public-interest efforts not only related to health and physical activity, but also the arts, education, sports, community-building and the environment. The American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) is one among many health organizations that we work with in an effort to enhance and improve consumer education.

We support the AAFP through its Corporate Alliance program. Our shared goal through this initiative is to provide science-based information about the importance of balanced and healthful diets combined with regular exercise. At the Coca-Cola Company, we make more than 400 beverages including and 130 no- and low-calorie drinks, 100% juices, teas, sport drinks, waters and more. The educational content developed by the AAFP's independent editorial board will help teach Americans that all calories count, including those from beverages. Our collaboration will help people make more informed, sensible decisions to achieve active, healthy lifestyles.

Public-private partnerships such as ours provide needed resources to advance public health goals. Now more than ever, we must work together to realize the ultimate goal of having healthy communities and ultimately, a healthier world.

As the world's #1 most recognized brand, Coca-Cola understands its responsibility to help consumers make more informed and balanced choices. We are committed to encouraging healthy, active living through our products, programs and policies. To learn more about our efforts visit: