As the Olympic Movement's longest continuous corporate partner, The Coca-Cola Company is dedicated to bringing fans' and athletes' unique and memorable experiences through its support for the world's most watched and revered international sporting event, the Olympic Games.

While it would be an inappropriate role for sponsors to comment on the political situation of individual nations, we firmly believe that the Olympics are a force for good. Since 1928, we have supported the Olympic Games wherever they've been held, and have witnessed first-hand the cultural, economic and social benefits they bring to the host city and country.

In addition, The Coca-Cola Company is also a founding sponsor of the Special Olympics and the Paralympics. As a Global Partner, we work closely with both groups to create and execute grassroots promotions and marketing activities designed to raise awareness and support for these organizations. We have been involved with the Olympic Torch Relay since 1992.

We remain committed to supporting the Olympics Movement and Olympic Torch Relay, which provide a unique opportunity to share values of unity, pride, optimism and inspiration with people all over the world.