The Coca-Cola Company has no foreign direct investment in Sudan, nor does it do any business with the Government of Sudan. The Company sells beverage base to a private company, DAL Foods Industries, Ltd. (DFI), under a license approved by the U.S. Government's Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC).

DFI started producing and distributing Coca-Cola products in early 2002, bottling Coca-Cola brand beverages for the Sudanese market. Under the OFAC license, The Coca-Cola Company cannot provide any support for operations, marketing or sales -- it can only sell beverage base, ensure quality control and protect its trademarks with this independent bottler.

The situation in the Sudan is complicated and tragic, and the Company is limited in its ability to have a positive impact in that country.

The Company has given $750,000 to the Red Cross and Red Crescent to provide humanitarian relief to people in communities in Darfur who have been displaced or been victims of violence in that region’s long-standing conflict. The funds will provide:

  • Primary healthcare, including immunizations and malaria prevention
  • Children’s healthcare, including feeding centers
  • Food and supplies such as blankets, tarpaulins and kitchen sets
  • Water and sanitation facilities

The Coca-Cola Company is committed to the African continent and has long been in the forefront of promoting sustainable development throughout the continent. The Coca-Cola Company, together with independent bottlers, provides direct employment for 60,000 workers across the continent in its bottling, distribution and marketing operations. As a result, many more jobs are created in retailing, supply and support operations. In the past five years alone, the Company has invested more than $600 million across Africa. Its beverage products are made at 160 facilities and sold in partnership with more than 900,000 retail outlets.